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Neon is actually named Camilla and is a 24 year old Art student living with her mother in São Paulo, Brazil. She has two half-brothers from her father's side, but they live in a different state and she seldom sees them, so she is practically an only child.

Her interests vary from talking about herself in the third person to manga and videogames. In fact, she is so interested in manga and videogames that her dream career is to be a videogame character designer. In manga style. That'll likely never happen (you might notice Neon is not very much an optimist), however, so she will be content with whatever she can get.

Neon is not affiliated with any religion in particular, but she likes to think there is something beyond this existence because ceasing all activity once you die sounds very boring. She is also not actively engaged in politics, but has her own beliefs about how they should be conducted--

in fact, one may notice that Neon is very attached to her own rules and no one else's. This probably makes her extremely arrogant, but she tries to respect other people's opinions even if she doesn't follow them (at least nowadays, since she has also changed considerably over the past few years). She is also very much a sore loser - losing in any way, shape or form is extremely aggravating to her, and she will probably be in a foul mood for a while when it happens.

Thankfully, her foul moods tend to expire after 24 hours, since she also gets over things quickly.

She also thinks this is getting very tl;dr, so a summary: she used to icon, draws manga, moderates entirely too many communities, has no life, needs a job, roleplays sporadically, loves Naoto Shirogane and Zelos Wilder, and is a lurker. You likely won't see many comments from her - except when she feels like spamming, in which case, your inbox's health may be compromised.

also angeling on LiveJournal.


there is a t-rex outside ; can't you hear the music?

Interests (150):

:|j-/, ai otsuka, alisonmashes, androgynous boys, androgyny, angst, anti-tf club, anywhere, apocalyptica, art, arthur, as árveres somo nozes, asdjkldgaskl, aura star enmy baracks, bad mental images, bandit boss/manly bandit, bandit boss/princess ass, bandit boss/stupid bandit, being a shaaaaaaark, bitch please, blast!, blast..., blood and guts, booksmut, british accents, cane dance, cging, character designing, chihiro onitsuka, chocolate, colored manga icons, combing the whores, craven curs, disgaea, disney, doujinshi, dragon force, drawing, dumbledore's balolos, eating peas, ellegarden, erementar gerad, eu quero um sapato, everyone named leon ever, fanart, fictional men, final fantasy 7, fire emblem, foot+mouth otp, glittery notebooks of angst&truth, good conversationalists, guy's gynophobia, harvest moon, henry/seto in the meadows (sometimes), homosexual bandit bosses, how is babby formed, ichimoku ren, insert interest here, jacky not jack, jade curtiss, japan, japanese, japanese text input, kafra on vacation, kakyou, keele zeibel, killing tailto for linda, kingdom hearts, kokia, kotori-chan needs some loooooooove, leon geeste, long hair on males, lord lombroso, lulz, manga, mayumi azuma, meadows sometimes, medieval clothing, middle ages, mistletoe belt buckles, mythology, nobuo uematsu, not superbus, o rly, oh no bandits!, one link being lame, otome games, people are stupid, picking on bad spelling, pissy androids, pointing and laughing, pr0n, pragnent, pretty boys, princess sex, procrastination, ragnarok online, roleplaying, rowen, roy's manhood, rpgs, running out of interests, sashimi, sayonara zetsubou sensei, seisen no keifu, sex in glastheim, sexy italian men, sfut, shining force, silent hill, sir the enemy's approaching!, sleeping, smrt ppl, strategy rpgs, suikoden, surprise buttsex, tales series, tedius zanarukando, the universe!, the vile scrov, the wolf meat diet, they're all named johan, this isn't an interest, tokimeki memorial girl's side, too many roleplay characters, tragedy, trains in glastheim, trenchcoats, uff..., valkyrie profile, vampires, videogames, vincent valentine, we hate kaphas, wild arms series, wildly bisexual pirate priests, winter, writign liek dis lol, xkcd, yogi bear, you dastard!, you have beautiful eyes, you're not my father, your mom, zelos wilder, さよなら絶望先生, ジズイア, ポッキー, 大事なものは目蓋の裏, 日本語
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